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Matrix continues to provide prepress services to a core group of publishers.


Typesetting / Keyboarding

All forms of author provided manuscripts showing editorial markings and queries may be submitted. The content can range from straight text to complex math, chemistry and tables. When files are not available, Matrix can provide keyboarding services.

Pagination of all elements

Typeset files and art files are electronically paged using both Macintosh and Windows platforms. Our experienced desktop specialists follow supplied guidelines (specs), creating pages from simple one color to heavy four color designs in QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign.


With many years of experience, our proofreading staff will follow all publisher guidelines, checking accuracy and consistency against publisher supplied materials, and querying anything questionable. Depending on the need, Matrix can supply all forms of proofreading—from a quick scan of text, to word-for-word proofreading. Quality control is our expertise, from manuscript to final PDF files.

Creation of final printer PDF files

Following printer and publisher supplied specifications, Matrix can supply application and/or printer PDF files. These files can be emailed, burned to CD, DVD or posted to specified FTP sites according to the publisher’s request.

FTP uploads and downloads

Matrix has an FTP site available for your uploading and downloading needs when file size and speed is an issue. 


Upon request, using supplied specifications/layouts and manuscript (type and art), Matrix can supply a per-page cost for your budgeting purposes.

Frank Zuch (President, George T. Bisel Company, Law Book Publishers)

“When you publish for lawyers, accuracy is a must and Matrix helps assure that our finished product is accurate.”