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Matrix was started in 1980 and for 25 years provided top-shelf prepress services (primarily page building) to the largest textbook and medical publishers in the world. In 2006, Matrix was purchased by Julie Quickel and Doug Ward, who collectively had many years in pre-press; and 5 years of experience working together in that sector, with Julie’s expertise base in the production side, and Doug’s in sales and marketing.

With the export of the preponderance of pre-press services to India, Julie and Doug gradually transitioned Matrix into its current niche market; specifically, filling the demand for services necessary to comply with Section 508 of the federal Rehabilitation Act. Among the full-suite of 508 compliance services, Matrix focused on document remediation (the process of rendering documents compliant with Federal, Agency-specific, and international accessibility standards/requirements), as it closely matched Matrix’s existing in-house experience and expertise.  Since then, Matrix has further refined its focus to specialize in the conversion of PDF documents.

Matrix’ 508 compliance client base initially consisted of HHS but has expanded over the past 8 years to include most of the 15 Executive Office Departments and many Prime contractors.  Matrix is currently recognized as one of the leading providers of making PDFs accessible.