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Federal Agencies

Matrix 508 has provided 508 compliant PDFs for posting on the following agency sites. U.S. Department of:

Commerce • Defense • Education • Energy • HHS • HS • HUD • Interior • SEC • State • Transportation • VA

Federal Contractors

Matrix is a small business subcontractor. The majority of our customers are prime contractors who need to address the Section 508 requirements in their SOW.

As most primes know, some of their largest, most prestigious jobs are confidential. You simply cannot divulge your involvement. This amounts to having valuable experience, the specifics of which cannot be discussed.

Making an EIS or EIA 508 compliant is a good example: Several Federal and State agencies regularly procure Environmental Impact Statements/Assessments. These are often massive, time sensitive, subject to ongoing “starts-and-stops”, heavily scrutinized; and carry a high profile with a corresponding need for confidentiality.

Once a study has been compiled, vetted, tweaked and completed, the draft and final PDF must be posted for public review = the EIS must be accessible (508 compliant).

Typically, there are several highly specialized tasks a prime will put in the hands of a subcontractor – this is one of them. Making an EIS accessible is no small task but Matrix does it without impeding the overall project.

Points associated with making an EIS 508 compliant:

• Statements include documents from multiple sources outside the prime contractor’s control (many reports & Appendices are only available “as is”).
• A significant part of making an EIS compliant can & should be addressed as early in the process as possible. The reality is that this seldom happens until the EIS draft is finalized and ready to be posted. Regardless, communication with the people testing the documents for compliance is essential. There are specific issues that should be clarified and Matrix has experience helping the prime at this very important stage.
• The need for organization and clear/real-time communication is paramount. On-the-fly changes increase as the delivery date approaches.
• They are subject to varying accessibility standards – DoD, BLM, State, EPA, etc.
• It takes a commitment commensurate with the study itself.
• The process usually can be done in stages. As sections are “finalized”, work may begin to make them accessible. [Finalized is in quotes because it usually means “final until we change it”.]

Suffice it to say, there is much behind-the-scenes effort required to make an EIS 508 compliant. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our experience and commitment.

April 2016: We got permission to divulge that we made the Keystone XL Pipeline EIS 508 compliant. Keystone is the most extensive, complex, and politically sensitive EIS of national significance.

Client Testimonials

Ron Twyman (Ogilvy Washington Creative Studio)
“Matrix Publishing provides top quality work within tight deadlines for unbelievable costs. They truly are 508 compliant experts.”
Debra Ruh (Ruh Global LLC)
“I have worked with Matrix Publishing for many years and with several firms.  They have helped my clients make PDF’s fully accessible and compliant to Section 508.  They offer a fair price, excellent customer service and quality workmanship.  I would highly recommend their services.”
Disability Inclusion Strategist G3ict Employability and Technology Chair +01 (804) 749-3565 (direct) – +01 (804) 986-4500 (cell)
“California-based Government Consulting Firm” (must remain anonymous by law)
“Matrix is always my go-to 508 compliance solution. Compliant documents are delivered quickly and well done—and if there is a compliance area that’s troubling you, they will take the time to explain the issues and brainstorm compliant solutions with you. With ever-changing regulations and ever-demanding government clients, I know I have nothing to worry about as long as Matrix is an email away.”
Len Johnson (Sage Communications LLC)
“Matrix Publishing is always our source for meeting our government contract Section 508 compliance requirements by making all our content accessible. Matrix is always highly responsive and delivers within our deadlines. In addition, their staff is a joy to work with!”
Rick Hasney (NAEP Educational Testing Service)
Several projects, several responses.”Again thanks for coming through. And for the high quality.” & “Very impressive. We’ll have to put up a sign that says, Matrix 100% for 289* Days”  (*insert current stat)” & “THANKS SO MUCH for the great work, the last minute hustle, everything. You guys rock!” & “Thanks SO much. I cannot say enough good things about Matrix.” & “THANKS so much for getting it done so fast and ahead of schedule. I’ve gotten used to counting on you.”
Kendra King Bowes (Native American Management Services, Inc.)
“For the past three years we have been working with Matrix to support our federal government clients with 508 compliant files. They ensure we stay within budget and get our deliverables submitted on time. Matrix can be counted on as an experienced and reliable team member!”