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Only an email or phone call away. Hands on owners are involved in every aspect of the business from answering the phones to working on the most complex files.

Matrix has been a Premier “508 Compliant” Vendor and Contractor since 2006. Prime Contractors finding Section 508 language in a Statement of Work need only contact Matrix to take care of this requirement. Various and numerous federal agencies and contractors have used Matrix 508 with confidence, knowing it specializes in making PDFs 508 compliant. We guarantee exceptional customer service and prompt delivery of files that are 100 percent certified as Section 508 compliant.

Consider Matrix, the 508 Compliance Specialists

Making PDFs accessible (508 compliant) requires a thorough knowledge of (1) specific accessibility laws, (2) the ever-changing standards; and (3) specialized tools. And if the government has an active role in the project, the need for flexibility is a given.

Your unique needs: PDFs can contain just about anything. Whether you need help with making yours accessible depends on; their complexity, how they were created & saved, your level of remediation expertise, and your understanding of accessibility requirements “more”. We welcome you to use this site to help you “do it yourself” (DYI). If you determine your needs go beyond the scope of your expertise, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities.